Taking Portable Restroom Sales Out of the Toilet

United Site Services were experiencing a plateau in their business.

With an outdated sales process that often left staff frustrated and stressed, USS needed to reinvigorate the company from the inside.

That’s where we came in.

Starting with a Refreshing Image

Our 12-month strategic marketing plan was the foundation for a full refresh of the brand and its processes. We looked at all areas of the business, from implementing eco-friendly paper reduction to developing an easy-to-use service tech app that empowered staff in their work.

Adding Functionality & Efficiency

Our customer care dashboard made the quote and order process faster and more accurate and gave customers a clear picture of their order status. The roll-out was extensive, and the long term benefits even more so. 

When the going gets tough, the tough get strategic marketing.

How do you create the best possible journey for every user?

Research. And a lot of user data. We gathered ‘voice of the employee’ data, using it to build a list of specific functional goals that would satisfy the needs of every user role. On the other half of the equation, we looked at the ‘voice of the customer’ – research that led us to making sure our dashboard gave customers more clarity on their orders.

Looking at the issues (or, as we like to call them, opportunities) from both the employee and customer perspectives allowed us to deliver the best experience for both. 

The Result:

A simplified, streamlined experience for customers, employees and vendors alike

Brand & Marketing Strategy

  • We created a 12-month strategic marketing plan
  • We refreshed the USS brand and implemented it across digital and physical platforms

User-centric Website with Sales Focus

  • Clean design working within the current brand guidelines
  • Easy to navigate through a vast range of products
  • Easy to generate or request a quote

Recruitment Support & Materials

  • Developed print and brochure advertising to target career-minded individuals
  • Created an optimised Careers page with Job Alerts and custom searches

Customer Care Dashboard

  •  Fast and accurate quotes and orders
  • Increased customer awareness of process and status, decreasing call volume
  • Simplified and streamlined experience for employees, decreasing frustration and stress


Training Support & Videos

  • Faster onboarding of new technology for Customer Care employees
  • Questions answered before they even ask
  • Video training scales infinitely

Mobile-friendly Service Tech App for Drivers

  • Mobile workload management and reporting tool for on-the-road technicians
  • Staff feel empowered, valued and self-sufficient
  • Realtime proof of service for customers
  • Eco-friendly paper reduction