Disrupting the Digital Status Quo for a Global TelCo


A leading telecommunications company and pioneer of fixed and mobile technology

Vodafone serves 300m mobile customers across 21 markets and 48 partner markets worldwide. With the launch of their new brand proposition, “Together we can”, Vodafone Group wanted their digital presence to mirror their unique vision for the future.

The brief

Reimagine Vodafone’s global corporate website and create a best-in-class experience in terms of design, functionality and performance.

With the additional goal of helping position Vodafone as an exemplar in the digital sphere.


  • Ensure the new website is engaging and provides an interactive experience
  • Innovative design with future-proofed technology
  • Digital storytelling aligned with core purpose messaging strategy
  • Aligning and getting sign-off from multiple stakeholders worldwide
  • Balancing the needs of a complex global audience
  • Working with limited timescales and delivering an excellent product


Systematic and Data-driven. Because successful digital experiences need strong foundations.

Insights, opportunities, new perspectives, and breakthroughs were all fuelled by the data we gathered.

Our research included a UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) review, stakeholder engagement, audience research, functionality comparison with competitor analysis, web traffic analysis, heat maps and content audits.

Dauntless Vodafone Components


To cater for the 89% of traffic that comes from mobile devices, we employed a mobile-first design and development mentality, which meant a better experience across the board.

We improved performance, security and load time by developing the website on a headless CMS through React and Next.JS.

“An incredible website. Engaging. Clean and fun. Disruptive. Vodafone. Journeys – lots of journeys – and content. And how it’s presented, brought together. Seamless. BEAUTIFUL. A masterclass.”

– Sam Billett
Senior Communications Manager, Corporate Affairs, Vodafone

Vodafone Foundation Tablet
Vodafone Foundation – Instant Network Schools


“Together Corporate Affairs & Dauntless have reinvented and have delivered a best in class solution at speed.”

– Sam Billett
Senior Digital Solutions Manager, Corporate Affairs, Vodafone Group

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