We’re always looking for creative and experienced people who can add something special to our Crew.

At Dauntless, we pride ourselves on team collaboration and creative solutions, always giving our clients the best possible results. If you know how to balance hard work, good times and laughs, you could be a great fit here. 

In 2019, we moved to working remotely. Our Crew is distributed around the world and across several time zones.

Many of us work from home, others choose to work from their local coffee shop, and still others find a space in a relative’s spare room. There are a few reasons we’ve chosen to do this, but some of the main reasons are for quality of life (more time with your family & friends), less travel, increased efficiency and a lower overhead for the company.  We’ve taken cues from companies like Automattic and Buffer who have become, or started out, as distributed teams.

We work hard to maintain our collaborative atmosphere through loads of time on Google Hangouts (or Zoom or Skype or Slack Calls or…), plus our incessant chatter on Slack. We aim for a regular, good-ol’ face to face meet up when we can (after lockdown), where we can catch up on the highs and lows, high-five each other (not in the face) and aim to eat and drink something rather delicious.

Who We Are


Dauntless was built on solid relationships, courageous creativity, crazy good talent, and plenty of heart.

We’re not afraid to take on new challenges, do things a little differently, or change direction to uncharted waters. We are passionate about our work, brave enough to go where others have not gone before, being mindful about both our community and the environment. We believe in championing the next generation and believe in building a legacy for others to come.



What to Expect


When you work here, you join our Crew, our squad, our team… our family.


You’ll be welcomed with open arms, we’ll want to know all about you, what you like and how you take your coffee or tea (and where we can meet you for that drink). You’ll meet colleagues who will inspire you, and make trusted friends for life. We celebrate the good times, but we also support one another through major life events such as moving house, sickness, bereavement, and so on.

All in all, we’re a fun, creative, close-knit crew, daring and determined, as we endeavour to change the game and do things a little differently.

Get in Touch

Even if we don’t have a role that fits you, we do file all the CVs and resumes of those who stand out as truly Dauntless.