An Internal Sales Tool to Simplify Lead Aggregation

The Google Ads Sales team were struggling with manually created presentations in order to land big clients.

The goal of our engagement was to streamline and declutter a brand new internal sales tool, and we were more than happy to take care of its visual design. It came with an especially important purpose for the search giant’s team: to aid all relevant company teams with producing sales decks, both at scale and at speed.

“Not knowing which opportunity to focus on meant hours of wasted effort.”

– Alex, Agency Sales team, Google 

We designed a flexible solution that simplified the Ad Sales process

In the process of this delivery, we made sure to include task and goal checklists into our overall interface thinking. It was also important to encourage the team to promote all four of their target services equally.

The resulting time-savings was significant.

Not only was the tool targeted at large client sales for Google Sales teams, we also created a version for public consumption that offered aid to small businesses in their ad purchasing. This created reports that were educational, trend-focussed and sector-based, allowing users to onboard themselves and start creating relevant ads faster and easier.