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Research shows that video can boost understanding of your product by 74%



Not only is video today’s favourite medium – according to eMarketer, four times as many consumers would choose a video about a product over a write-up – it’s also the most effective. Research shows that video can boost understanding of your product by 74%. This makes it an especially important tool for conveying complex products and services – and a vital component of any successful digital transformation plan.

Our in-house studio combines live action film, licensed footage, and motion graphics sequences for compelling videos that keep viewers engaged with your message. Whether you’re launching a new product, revitalising brand perceptions, or keeping your employees motivated, our team crafts videos that are compelling from script to storyboard to final output.

Smoother Internal Communications & Training

One of the unique advantages of video is how much information it can convey in just a few minutes. Smart managers are using it to ensure consistent on-boarding for every new hire, improve warehouse and field operations, facilitate employee learning and development (crucially reducing training costs) and boost staff engagement.

Facilitating Change & Transformation

More and more businesses are investing in video to ensure that their digital transformation initiatives remain a seamless experience for staff, customers and partners. Video helps provide transparency of information, clear guidance on new processes, and foster trust between management and stakeholders. Better yet, video easily takes the place of the many meetings, memos, manuals and workshops you might otherwise require.

Converting Leads into Customers

According to Social Media Today, a whopping 90% of consumers say that video helps them decide whether to buy. It’s also been shown that videos reduce the bounce rate from business websites and improve SEO. What all this means, is that video is no longer simply a ‘nice to have’  it’s now a crucial part of any effective marketing strategy.

Building Credibility & Brand Trust

Instructional and informative videos can help position your company as the industry authority, and assure your audience that they are making the right decision when they choose to buy from you. Video is also the perfect storytelling platform for building an emotional, human connection with your audience – and encouraging brand loyalty.


“As video content becomes increasingly more affordable and accessible, it’s critical for brands to create emotionally charged videos to accompany their other marketing initiatives.”

– Forbes


“In a 2016 study of marketing professionals and online consumers, 69% of online consumers said they would rather watch a video than read a product explanation. In a different study, statistics prove that businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster than companies without video content.”

– AdAge


“Not having a video strategy… is like not having a digital strategy in 2000. You might be able to survive for the time being, but holdouts will find themselves seriously left behind and racing desperately to catch up in just a few short years ahead. More and more, digital means video.”

– Fast Company

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