Sooo... We finally gave in and allowed the designers to leave the building... attend InVision’s premiere of ‘Design Disruptors’, a documentary that ‘reveals a never-before-seen perspective on the design approaches’ of some companies that are very happy disrupting. Think Facebook, Airbnb, Google and the like; ‘they are overtaking billion dollar industries through design.’

Our Dauntless designers thoroughly enjoyed themselves!
Here’s their review of the event:

“As we arrived at the London Palladium there was a buzz of excitement in the humid, summer air. A man dressed in a red tail coat directed us to collect our tickets, (which were amazing by the way!), a simple plate of aluminum with ‘I’m A Disruptor’ written on it. We have to admit... it took us a while to work out what it said! ‘Ima Dis Ruptor’, ‘I’m Adis Ruptor’. Doh!

InVision did a great job of hosting, with piles of branded stickers, photo screens, coasters and roller banners. Friendly staff handed us free bags of sweets and pots of popcorn, which, unbelievably, we managed to restrain ourselves from eating until the film began… not easy.

The film was truly inspiring, as there aren’t many films out there that discuss design in this kind of detail. It was refreshing to be able to enjoy a piece of media like this, that’s all about our craft and industry; this aspect of it made for a film we can relate to more than most. As Tobias van Schneider, former Art Director at Spotify, said ‘it’s something I can show my mother that explains a bit about what we do!’

The underlying theme was the following: it’s becoming more and more recognised that designers are problem solvers. In the past, we used to be given briefs and told what to produce. Nowadays, we’re presented with a problem and are asked to find the solution, resulting in designers being brought to the table much earlier in the process, for all kinds of briefs.

The film also spoke about user experience and user interface. We’re now designing products and user journeys to make people’s day-to-day life easier and more efficient. A great example of this is step-by-step tours on apps. Your product’s usability shouldn’t have to be explained, it should simply be intuitive.

The build up to the event was also really successful, through InVision’s email marketing. We received regular, (and very pretty) emails with quotes from the film like...

‘Art is about making questions - Design is about making solutions.’
John Maeda

We can’t wait for another InVision event and to share the film with the rest of our crew. It’s not only relevant for designers, but for our colleagues, clients, family and friends. If you get the chance to watch it – take it!”

Our Dauntless Design Disruptors