The Definitive Guide to Working Remotely

Working remotely has its challenges, definitely, and we definitely, definitely have them all worked out.

We promise.

Our team became a distributed workforce last year, and since then, we’ve been asked how we manage to stay productive, connected and motivated while working remotely.

At Dauntless, we like to do things a little differently. For those who who have more recently found themselves working remotely (thank you, coronavirus), we’ve gathered our awesomest tips to help you tread what may feel like very lonely waters. How will you ever survive? 

So we’ve created a handy list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you get through WFH.

You got this.


1. DO start the day right.

As soon as you wake up, grab your coffee (or drink of choice), go straight to your desk and put your headphones on. Leave them on all day and stay at your desk as long as possible. This will help your muscles get used to the long, isolated days ahead of you.

2. DON’T find a dedicated work space.

After all, you’ve got flexibility now to work from anywhere. Why limit yourself to a single place? The kitchen table and that rough wooden chair are calling your name today. The couch might be calling you tomorrow. Best to leave your options open.

3. DO join every video conference call with your camera turned off.

No one needs to see your face…and you definitely don’t want to see theirs.

4. DON’T change out of your PJs.

No one will see you anyway. #whocares #cameraisoff

5. DO go for dark mode.

For those who want to focus on getting things done, you should remove every distraction. We recommend putting your office in a dark closet or using blackout curtains on any windows. This will keep the room cold and dark, just like Batman’s lair. Think of all the money you’ll save on sunblock.

6. DO avoid people – aka the online crowds.

If given the flexibility to make your own work schedule, make sure you work when no one else is. You won’t have to talk to anyone, and you’ll be so much more productive. This will also ensure you don’t get wrapped up in the latest chatter the rest of your team are attaching their emojis to. Everyone else can be so unprofessional.

7. DO use only formal language when responding to messages.

This includes responding to co-workers as well as clients. You should be professional at all times. Try hard to sound like a robot because having no emotion is the only way people won’t take it the wrong way.


8. DO phone it in.

Insist that face-to-face meetings and get-togethers also have a dial-in number, so you can attend remotely. And anonymously.

9. DO make sure everyone knows you’re always busy.

Don’t ask if anyone needs help with anything; you’re pretty sure they know who to ask and when. If not, they probably can’t be helped. Natural selection, and all that.

10. DON’T ask for help.

This makes you look weak. You should know it all by now.

11. DO work alone.

Everyone knows that working in isolation is the best recipe for success. You are an island. Keep it that way. And definitely don’t meet IRL. That’s how viruses spread.

12. DON’T join ‘other’ conversations.

Especially about the cat videos in the #justforfun channel in Slack. People should be focusing on their work. You certainly are. There’s no room for fun at work.

13. NEVER hand out compliments.

People should know when they’ve done a great job. Besides, they’re not free.

14. DO point out every mistake.

People are blind to their flaws, and it’s up to you to help them “get better”.

15. DO insist on formal meetings.

Scheduled in advance, they must include a bullet-point agenda before you’re going to accept any calls. After all, you’re too busy for “chit-chat” or any of that “last minute” nonsense. This better be important.

16. DO make quiet conference calls.

When forced to attend a meeting, mute everyone else who isn’t speaking so people can focus on the one presenting. People will appreciate how quiet the call is. Especially when no one else can hear them.

17. DO keep your ideas safe.

When sharing a document in Google Docs, make sure you share in “View Only” mode. Don’t allow other people’s opinions sway you. Because, why mess with perfection?

18. DO stay indoors as much as possible.

Order your food, coffee and toilet paper to be delivered to you. You’ve got to keep your “days without going outside” streak up. Everyone knows that achieving the longest streak without going outside will keep you healthy, happy and way more inspired. #levelup

What are your tips for working remotely?

We’d like to know! (Hopefully you found our handy guide a bit humourous. We obviously need more help. 🙂

Let us know in the comments, or contact us.