Why Digital Transformation is so Important

Change is risky.

But not embracing Digital Transformation may put you behind in your industry or marketplace.

In a world that’s often mind-bendingly competitive, it’s the risks you don’t take that can see you quickly left behind. 

So you can make a bunch of small changes for short term gain – or you can make one major change and permanently disrupt the market in your favour.

We’re big fans of the second idea.

At Dauntless, we fuse intelligent business insights, technology, and design to completely re-engineer our clients’ products, processes and strategies. So they’re better equipped to multiply market share, profits, efficiency – and crucially, future proof all their hard work. You may know it by the buzzword, ‘digital transformation’. To us, it’s just smart business.

One major change can permanently disrupt the market in your favour.

What experts are saying about digital transformation:
“Companies must master each generation of technology, and fast, in order to become digital reinventors and obtain good returns on their technology investments.” – Harvard Business Review

“Disruptive transformations are potentially much more likely to help us achieve our strategic goals than optimization transformations, even though they appear to be much higher risk.”

– Wired


“Senior leaders realize what the stakes are. The CEOs who aren’t prioritizing digital are either changing their tune, or being phased out.”

– Harvard Business Review