Creative A N D Charitable Initiatives We Love

Our trade is all about creativity, thinking differently and maintaining our sky-high standards of quality.

For us as a growing and evolving agency, this applies to everything we do. And so, we have unlimited, extra reserves of respect for all the folks out there who apply their creativity outside of activities directly related to an enterprise or workplace context.

In particular, this time I’ll be focusing on charitable causes and greater social good. Here are just a few:

Secret 7”

This involves around 700 artists contributing their own personal – and highly secret – interpretation: what they think the cover artwork of tracks, by talents ranging from the Rolling Stones to Jessie Ware, should look like. Then anyone can roll up on Sale Day and hand over £50 for their favourite piece – only then do they find out whose art they’ve bought! Initially held in 2011, and inspired by the Royal College of Art’s annual Secret Postcard, Kevin King and his brilliant idea made a splash in London’s creative community at the perfect time. Riding the cusp of the resurgence of vinyl, and armed with the desire to make this show the type of art sale that anyone can afford, the stage was set for what has become an unmissable annual event. The mystery and chance involved – could you be lucky enough to snap up that cover by Sir Paul Smith? – has kept everyone coming back for more.

What’s also great to see is that their success has inspired some more huge names to contribute artwork, including:


Brixton Soup Kitchen

This group of amazing individuals aren’t only about the food either – they’re also a community space geared towards supporting those who are homeless, or those who find themselves in desperate need. Founded by Solomon Smith in January 2013, he decided – given the hard economic times faced by so many – it was time to dedicate his efforts to giving something back.

All this, at a time when many of us would only be concerned with our own wellbeing, let alone that of thousands of others. The rest is history: since setting up, they’ve made it their tireless mission to serve over 100,000 meals to those in need. Applause please!

Art Against Knives

We love this is charity, as their focus is on engaging urban youngsters with their artistic side, all with the incredible goal of nipping violent youth crime in its cradle. Their objectives include:

  • “the promotion of religious and racial harmony and of equality and diversity, in particular among young people in socially or economically deprived communities and communities facing social or economic change.
  • the advancement of the education of young people, in particular in the field of the creative arts
  • the advancement of citizenship and community development, in particular by the promotion of youth–led creative projects in socially and economically deprived communities.
  • the relief of those in need by reasons of youth, financial hardship or other disadvantage.”

This is all achieved via holding creative workshops, alongside extensive mentoring, as well as through providing access to educational and employment-related opportunities.

What all of these have in common is the tireless contribution of – and dependence on – talented, innovative and creative people. People from all backgrounds and skill-sets, who keep busy by volunteering their time for something they believe in.

Incredible, no?