A Digital Revolution that Delivered $145M Profits 

We challenged an industry that hadn’t changed in decades.

BlueLine Rental was ranked at #4 in North America for construction equipment rental. The entire industry was falling behind digitally, but BlueLine’s digital assets were the weakest amongst competitors; their website and back-end solutions weren’t connected with each other, data was managed manually, and there was no way for customers to rent products online.

We undertook an in-depth analysis of the best apps in the industry – and in every industry – raising the benchmark to the best of the best, like Uber, Airbnb and Apple Music. This set the tone for our design strategy, ultimately helping us find a unique balance between form and function.

A new customer rental app that integrates sales and customer service into an easy-to-use interface.

BlueLine Rental was in desperate need of a ‘something’ to keep the business competitive. We completely restructured their outdated systems, pulling apart the existing digital presence and rebuilding it from scratch.

The result was a modern, comprehensive and easy-to-use e-commerce tool that empowered customers as well as the staff and the sales team. We added full Google integration and location services, closing the gap between customers and the sales team. And to top it off, we launched the whole thing with a bang, giving new, existing, and lapsed customers something to really talk about.

A rental app ecosystem provided an exponentially faster experience helping BlueLine Rental double its value preceding acquisition.

Not only did we deliver a fantastic e-commerce experience, we facilitated the process, including marketing, every step of the way.

User mobile and desktop rental app

– Easy-to-use e-commerce tool for customers and sales teams
– Rent and manage equipment from anywhere – an industry first

Location technology

– New ‘Find Us’ feature developed for the site
– Interactive location service fully integrated with Google Maps

Marketing website

– Redesign and rebuild of the BLR digital portal from the ground up
– Professional, modern UI and fresh new content for an excellent user-experience
– New, simple CMS for easy maintenance by BLR staff 

Launch marketing

– Strategic soft launch approach to release the app in three stages up to full version
– Extensive app promotion and site launch to new, existing, and lapsed customers
– Proposed a campaign using digital ads, flyers, OOH and posters
– Explainer videos produced in-house to facilitate employee training