MyWork Mobile App & Branding Design

‘Work where you want, when you want’ is the simple mantra we devised for a mobile, tech-savvy generation.

The folks at MyWork had a unique concept for bringing employers and employees together, and approached us to help make it happen. They had envisioned a way to simplify the recruitment, administration and time management requirements of any kind of work, and for everyone involved. Employers would be able to search just as easily for talented recruits, as prospective employees would be able to pick up the kind of work and shifts they desire, on their terms.

The Dauntless Development and Design teams facilitated this innovative idea. Entirely from scratch, we built the main functionality of the mobile apps and API, while using a range of third party libraries to provide additional capabilities and features. We also created the distinctive visual identity with which to present this brand new app.

A brand new approach to work management took shape before our eyes, swipe by swipe, and screen-by-screen, and we helped make work much more convenient, for just about anyone with a smartphone. Starting in Singapore, and soon to be launched in the UK, expect to see it on a device near you very soon indeed.