The Problem

An entirely new entity, this client needed a website, identity, bespoke content and online traction.

Established in 2015 by IT Managed Services Provider Zed One, GetDatto was a totally new venture for their business.

It required everything an online business needs to function: an attractive, responsive website, a streamlined user journey, custom forms, a modern logo and visual identity, alongside social media presence, and various email marketing campaigns.

By gauging the competition faced within the client's vertical, we read between the lines of their brief and saw a need to differentiate this new web experience, by building innovative tools and services right into the fabric of the website.

The Solution

We devised a complete, end-to-end, and well-rounded online experience.

Our concept and delivery encompassed the full range of our services. After crafting their logo and establishing a visual language across all media, we built a comprehensive web experience. Going above and beyond their initial brief, we incorporated a Product Discovery questionnaire to assist users’ product selection, alongside a Downtime Cost Calculator.

On this platform, we showcased the full range of their products and services, while bringing a bespoke graphic style and personality to life. Alongside this build, we devised a comprehensive range of A/B landing pages according to trending SEO keywords, along with a fully automated email relationship management campaign.

The Results

A brand new venture that’s well placed to thrive in a competitive market.

Within the space of a few months, we launched a successful new arm of an eminent Managed IT Services Provider.

Our work on the visual and digital establishment of GetDatto has already generated multiple successful leads for their business, while our lead nurturing and CRM email campaigns will ensure that prospective visitors to their site don’t lose interest drop off.

Most importantly, we curated a wealth of detailed, complex product information, distilling it carefully onto each and every appropriate page. As part of this, we carefully built the pathways needed for any type of potential customer to be able to rapidly appreciate and understand what was on offer, and what they should choose.