EventAppi Identity & Website Design

In early 2015, the online event and ticketing vertical needed shaking up. Enter EventAppi.

As a fresh and feisty new name in this vertical, they needed multiple parts of the brand’s personality to come together in just the right way. From the name, the modern, contemporary look and feel, the gorgeous and responsive web build, to the perfect tone of voice.

And creative collaboration was the name of the game, with our team making everything together, closely in-step with theirs. Shared Google Docs and iterative stages via InVision made this easily one of our most rapid deliveries of a living, breathing, fully functioning online business.

Alongside this was the build of iOS and Android apps, as well as the backbone API of the technology – built from the ground up.

Add in our delivery of complete social media presence, and all associated collateral, and you have a glimpse of our close partnership with a scrappy, Nashville-based start-up like EventAppi.