BillHero App Design

When it comes to mobile payments and money management apps, BillHero is both the newest kid on the block, and a true disrupter. Initially introduced in the US only, and geared towards a target demographic of millennial students and young professionals, it’s here to change how people interact with money via their smartphones.

And it goes without saying it had to stand out aesthetically, function flawlessly and keep user funds utterly watertight in terms of security and encryption.

We started by creating an extensive body of wireframes around a previously established brand identity and colour palette. From there, we nailed a lively, vibrant tone of voice throughout the app, that would deftly speak to the target audience in their own vernacular. This was coupled with the mood imagery we built out, to engage, surprise and delight users as they made their way around the app.

All of this came together thanks to our rock solid front-end build, as well as our largest and most complex UX experience design yet. By the time we were done with it, BillHero was all set to take on a competitive market for on-the-go money management.