Amazon Jobs

The brand is a household name to many, but Amazon was struggling to attract the right staff to power their massive European expansion. They needed not just more applicants, but more talented applicants, applicants that fitted with Amazon’s unique and empowering ethos, and their passion for continuous improvement. In essence, they wanted quality and quantity.

The brief was made more challenging by differing perceptions of the brand across Europe. Responses ranging from “Amazon? Sign me up” to “Amazon who?” meant that our strategy needed to organically adapt to the brand conditions in each country.

So we took the power of the US infrastructure, and fed that into a new digital offering crafted specifically for European job seekers. It was a solution that showcased Amazon in its best light in each locale, educating and attracting people to the brand. It massively increased the visibility of the available roles and what was needed to fit each role. Users knew what to expect from Amazon and what was expected of them.

In the first six weeks of the solution going live, Amazon’s Click Through Rate increased by over 20%. In the first three months, they had doubled their application intake and seen a marked improvement in the quality of every applicant.

Our relationship with Amazon continues, and we support their on-going recruitment through their site and through digital advertising and events.