Firstly, thank you to everyone who reached out after reading my previous post on Project Management tools!

It’s always so encouraging to hear other people’s journeys, and I hope my piece made your search for the ‘perfect’ software maybe a little less painful.

This time, I would like to share a few thoughts on the importance of properly integrating company processes with whichever project management tools are in use. While trying out many different options during our search, we quickly realised how difficult it was to find software that was flexible enough to fit around our existing procedures and processes. Very often, we found ourselves stuck a mere 10 minutes into each respective trial.


Too Much Rigidity Never Helps

Time and time again, we just couldn’t find a simple way to transfer or translate our unique way of doing things into the framework that we were trying out. Many tools were just too rigid, and forced us to adapt to their limitations, instead of bringing the support and flexibility we needed to move forward.

Now, don’t get me wrong: sometimes it is a good – and even necessary – exercise to evaluate your team processes.  After all, they might just be the reason for any inefficiencies, slow progress or frustrations within your team. However, being railroaded into changing your team workflows due to an inflexible PM tool? That’s a completely different story.

"In this case, a change of course due to a rigid PM tool would be a terrible decision, and prove detrimental to the company in the long term."

Very often companies develop their own methods over time: processes that are unique, have proven to be effective and seem to make things flow within a firm. Better still, sometimes these unique processes even result in a competitive advantage, as competitors might struggle to deliver the same high quality work within an agreed-upon timeline.

In this case, a change of course due to a rigid PM tool would be a terrible decision, and prove detrimental to the company in the long term.

Over Adaptation Vs. The Right Fit

Here at Dauntless, we nearly went down this route of over adaptation. As we were slowly losing the hope of finding the right software, we were gradually beginning to change our way of operating. However, many of the changes only lasted a short time, with some even thrown out by the end of the day. They just didn’t feel right, seemed illogical, or were just making things more difficult and confusing for the team.


Our conclusion?

Forced change never works.

We ended up choosing Mavenlink as our new PM system, and so far it looks like we made the right decision. Its granularity allowed us to maintain our current processes and workflow, and its complexity even encouraged us to evaluate and refine what already was in place.

Over the next few months we will be working on streamlining our financial process, using Mavenlink as the main source of data, while optimising its integration to improve our decision-making. I’m sure this will be the perfect opportunity for the tool to prove its effectiveness.

I’ll keep you posted!