The spirit of social media was always supposed to be fun and interesting.

Whilst it’s been proven that advertising in general now needs to be useful, with rewards to an audience who understands that their attention is valuable, the faster flow of social media can afford to be fun just for the sake of it. The best tweets are the amusing ones that engage with tweet mentions and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Two brands that seem to understand this the best, are UK supermarket giants Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Whilst not every business owner has the time to dedicate themselves to this many tweets, their exchanges with customers have shaped a positive perception of the brands, with minimal effort or funding.


It’s hard to find a brand with a better response to being perceived as a bit of a joke than Tesco Mobile. Rather than making the fatal mistake of getting into tweets fights, instead they continue to amuse followers and encourage engagement. This approach has encouraged followers to tweets them when they feel the brand is being mistakenly represented as a joke. One such Twitter exchanged lasted long enough to get the attention of other big brands such as Cadbury’s, Yorkshire Tea, Jaffa Cakes, and Phileas Fogg, who were eager to join in on the conversation. Here’s a snippet:

@RiccardoEspaa7 “@tescomobile we are batman and robin”

@tescomobile “@RiccardoEspaa7 we’re Batman, you can be Robin.”

@RiccardoEspaa7 “@tescomobile anything for you”

@tescomobile “@RiccardoEspaa7 Put the kettle on. Our bat feet our killing us.”

@RiccardoEspaa7 “@tescomobile Yorkshire tea alright?”

@YorkshireTea “@RiccardoEspaa7 @tescomobile You rang?”


Showing a witty alternative to the regular customer complaint on Twitter, Sainsbury’s engaged in a prolonged pun exchange after one customer tweeted them. Sainsbury’s showed an impressive dedication to the cause with an interaction that lasted for 18 tweets, only ending when employee David had to leave the office. Here’s how it started:

@TeaandCopy “I tried to buy some battered fish from @sainsburys but it didn't have a bar cod!”

@sainsburys “@TeaAndCopy Were there no other packs in the plaice, or was that the sole one on the shelf? Floundering for an explanation! David.”

@TeaAndCopy “@sainsburys I tried dropping you a line but this whole situation is giving me a haddock. What are you going to do about it? Let minnow.”

@sainsburys “@TeaAndCopy If I'm herring you right, you're looking to eel our relationship. I'll tell the store to find the shelf & fillet. David.”

Whilst not everyone will have the time or the quick wit to engage in this kind of tweeting, the attention gained from these and other funny brand tweets, highlights the need to remember what Twitter is; a social platform.

So get social with your following; engage with them so they can engage with you!