This is the next evolution of our creative culture.

What does it mean for us to be Dauntless?

We’re a creative, and powerful team, focused on delivering bespoke Digital Strategy, Branding, Graphic and Web Design, and Full Stack Development.

In our work, being Dauntless means scrupulously high standards, and a willingness to push the boat out into uncharted territory. To produce work that helps our clients stand out from the crowd, and get noticed.

A Dauntless approach means that we’re not just willing and able to take on big challenges, but we’re also determined to finish well, achieving outstanding results for our clients time after time.
In our collaborative relationships, being Dauntless is to communicate openly, proactively and conscientiously. We’re never daunted by the scale, profile, or turnover of a client. Large or small we’re here to help you solve your business problems, seize opportunities, and thrive.

"We are Dauntless, and being Dauntless represents our certainty that anything is possible."

Why We Are Dauntless

As a crew, we’ve always been Dauntless in spirit, and now we are Dauntless in name as well. Over the past year this aspect of our culture has helped define our success – again and again, becoming a rallying cry for our creative crew as we sought to define and understand the incredible growth and success we have experienced.

This rebrand has been in the works for quite some time, being carried and molded in our hearts as we worked together to articulate the essences of our Dauntless spirit. To reach for the stars, to push the envelope, to boldly go into uncharted territory, not recklessly but relentlessly.

When you look at this new brand of ours, there’s no doubt as to what we’re all about. We are Dauntless.

How Our Dauntless Brand Took Shape

In short, through a meticulous, measured creative process. We’ve been careful to carry over concepts from the WebPlunder brand, such as adventurous undertones and nautical cues. At the same time, we’ve refined our imprint and broadened our scope.

This involved condensing our services into the four key areas our gifted crew members own absolutely:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand Creation
  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Web Development 

This refinement and focus of our services and process led naturally to a focusing of our brand. We’ve refined, grown up, and pushed the boat out of the harbor, heading to open seas.

We are Dauntless, and being Dauntless represents our certainty that anything is possible.

Here’s to the next chapter for our crew of passionate creatives: we look forward to having you along for the ride.