Never stop learning.

Previously we looked at why you should never stop learning, throughout your life. So it only makes sense for me to share some special resources out there: examples that have kept me inspired to do so.

Codecademy: Learn By Doing

Anyone I know reading this will likely roll their eyes - that I continue to wax lyrical about this one. But… but tough cookie, because it really deserves the praise.

Who knows, you might already be curious about creating web-based or other tech-based experiences/products, instead of just remaining a passive consumer for the rest of your days? Codecademy is a great place to jump-start your understanding. From the beginning, it blew my mind that its creators have chosen to share so much knowledge, and so generously. With them, you can learn:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML & CSS
  • jQuery
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP

This is all offered free of charge. So there you go - no risks involved, and I challenge you to have a go at their HTML track and not enjoy it. Part of my appreciation comes from the time I spend online each and every day: having a basic grasp of how it all works helps me to look at all those Internet pages and blogs a little differently.

"From the beginning, it blew my mind that its creators have chosen to share so much knowledge, and so generously."

Kano: Learn By Exploring

Closely related to my last example is Kano. Also very tech-oriented, and also amazing for learning by doing, but I’d go one step further and say it’s great for learning by exploring. Alex Klein, the Founder and CPO, was challenged by his young cousin to make computing simple, and just as importantly, as fun as Lego. He decided to make this happen, and one successful Kickstarter campaign later, they’re going from strength to strength.
The premise is simple: you order a Kano kit from their site, it gets delivered through your post box, you build it, and then see what you create, as it teaches you how to build, tweak, and - most importantly - break digital things!

The creator of Pong, - Mr. Allan Alcorn - is himself amazed by these DIY computers, gushing over how heartening and exciting it is “to see kids [and adults] making (and changing) Pong with the Kano kit.”

Duolingo: Learn By Interacting

Not only is it very well designed, aesthetically-pleasing, and performs flawlessly whether you’re on your browser or on the go, Duolingo offers 12 language courses, also free of charge, including:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Irish
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • Turkish
  • Norwegian
  • Ukrainian

They’re also working on adding eight more, including - of course - Klingon.

On this digital product, those clever folks have perfected the art of bite-size, addictive learning. Honestly, the thought of commutes without WiFi or breathing space used to be less than appealing. But now I just put in my headphones, relax, and level up my adverbs in Spanish. If you don’t have Duolingo on your phone by now, you must be either totally fluent in at least 10 languages, or just straight up silly.

So there you go - hopefully there are some resources above that are new to you - but what have we missed out?

We’re always on the lookout for new things, so let us know!