With English ranking in second place for the world’s most spoken languages and with 508 million English speakers in the world, why would us English speakers learn another language?

Well… I have a few reasons why.

1. They say "When you speak to someone in their mother tongue, you speak to their soul". You'll probably get to know someone much more by speaking their language.

2. To avoid ignorance. How often do we hear about embarrassing Brits abroad who shout louder in the hope that people will understand them? Although many European countries can speak English and will if they know you do, it just shows respect if you at least try to speak the language.

3. Open up yourself to another world. Every culture is different and there’s always something to learn from them. For example, the other day I learnt about Caga tió. I will say no more … Just look it up.

The WebPlunder crew is made up of the following:

  • 5 x English
  • 5 x Americans
  • 3 x South Africans
  • 1 x Irish
  • 1 x Peruvian
  • 1 x Polish
  • 1 x Brazilian
  • 1 x Taiwanese

With such an array of cultures, traditions, and languages there is never a dull moment when it comes to conversation. The other day the content team were looking into the differences between the English (UK) language and the English (US). It’s clear that the UK version is correct... (haha, I’m going to pay for that!), but the discussion between the English and Americans was extremely entertaining. Words were flying around like courgette (zucchini), aubergine (eggplant), aluminium… And one, that my immature side found particularly funny, was asphalt which in the UK is known as tar, but if you happen to drop in a conversation on that word it sounds pretty rude/inappropriate!

There are great apps like Duolingo, which help you learn every day, so why not immerse yourself in another language; you never know what you might learn!