We’re Here For You:
Dauntless Tunes In

You might have noticed…

Everything Has Changed.

We’re all wondering

 What’s Going On

because it’s definitely become

A Whole New World.


The reality is, none of us will Live Forever.

This virus has made us all realise that

Every Breath You Take

is a Celebration,

so we should all raise a Hallelujah.

So we’ll keep Dancing in the Street

showing our Respect

to the people on the frontlines,

Happy that we’re still alive

and we’re Well, Well, Well.

All we need to do is Stay at Home

even if you hear London Calling

or you’re a Sunset Lover

or just really want to go Outside.


It’s hard to Imagine 

what’s Over the Rainbow

but we know A Change is Gonna Come

What you Need to Know,

is that we’re the Crew you can Lean On.


Let us know what you need,

because we Won’t Let You Down,

we are Here For You. 

Just send us your Message in a Bottle… 

Or simply Contact us.

Stay safe and well. 

With love from the Dauntless Crew

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