March's Crew Member of the Month is also one of our most Dauntless...


You’re quite a pillar of the Dauntless crew; for those who aren’t in the know, how would you like to introduce yourself?

"I’m Rosie, originally I’m from Buckinghamshire, and I studied Graphic Communication with Typography at Plymouth. I’ve loved everything about Design, both as a passion and a profession ever since. I really enjoyed how structured the course at Uni was, and it placed me in good stead for my subsequent design positions after graduating.

Cut to early 2014, when – after approaching Dauntless with a Pirate-y speak email – I secured a Skype interview with Josh and Jess – two of our Directors. And the rest is history!"

Can you recall when you decided upon a creative career?

"During my Art Foundation, back in the day, my lecturer shared her opinion on my work. She said she found it to be 'quite Graphic Designer-y', and then asked if I had considered a professional career in this field. To this, my eighteen year-old answer was straightforward and honest: 'what’s graphic design?'"

One of Rosie's cat memes for EventAppi

Very nice! And what do you love most about being a Designer?

"That it’s my job and I get paid to be creative. Having really enjoyed anything to do with Art & Design at school, I’m pretty sure that’s where my creative itch started… and just hasn’t gone away. Sometimes the role is a bit like visually expressing yourself through other company and organisational identities. That kind of responsibility and trust they place in your hands is incredible.

It’s both a luxury and a privilege to be creative in my job every single day: unfortunately this isn’t something everyone gets to enjoy (which keeps me humble!)."


What do you find to be the most challenging part of the role?

"There’s never a right or wrong answer. Admittedly, sometimes it would be nice if it was that simple, but then it just wouldn’t be Graphic Design anymore!"


And which medium do you most enjoy designing for?

"Do cat photos and memes count? I’m actually not sure if I have a preference… though with print, I do like how a design concept is static and set – it doesn’t have to change and responsively scale to a screen. Not factoring that into a solution is sometimes quite satisfying.

But don't get me wrong – I still really enjoy working on digital design and with WordPress – especially if it’s using a theme like Divi. It's great fun – and a brilliant theme!"

"I find it’s best to mix up where you search for inspiration: I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, quirky personalities and ways of working."

Do you have any secret Designer techniques, tips or tricks you’d like to divulge?

"I do make a point of taking screenshots of different iterations of any design I’m working on – that could be logos, landing pages, or anything else. Doing this reinforces progress, and helps with quick and easy comparisons."


What’s your favorite source of inspiration? Or source of outstanding design?

"I’m not someone who follows one particular designer in a convoluted way – I don’t believe that’s the best way to stay inspired. I find it’s best to mix up where you search for inspiration: I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, quirky personalities and ways of working. I also read Medium, and the InVision blog is great too.

I also look at Muzli, on the homepage of my browser, every single day!"

Muzli - Design inspiration browser extension

Now for the serious stuff. Skiing or snowboarding?

"Skiing, because I have both my feet planted firmly on the ground."


Carnivore or herbivore?



iOS or Android? Or Windows?

"iOS, hands down. I’m a designer, after all!"


And finally, what's next for you after this chat?

"Going for a nice stroll in the sunshine!"


Thanks Rosie!

And that's a wrap, folks. If you're on Twitter, keep up with Mrs. Munro right here. And in the meantime, look forward to next Crew Member of the Month!