We’re nicely in the swing of things now in 2016.

One of several new beginnings this year that we’re most excited about, is also a brand new focus for us as a team. 2016 is the year that we celebrate each and every one of the rockstar members of our team!


For the very first entry in a brand new series of blog posts, we sat down for a chat with the newest member of our team. Say hi to Matt Muirhead!

As the latest addition to our Development heavyweights, he brings raw technical talent coupled with a natural ability to get his projects pixel-perfect.
Let’s find out what makes him tick, shall we?

How would you introduce yourself for our readers?

"I’m 22 year old Web Developer from Epsom; I studied at City University London, for a degree in Computer Science, with a focus on business systems. I love anything to do with technology, really. I'm a big gamer and I love cars – anything that needs a bit of logic. The mechanical side of things fascinates me. At Dauntless, I’m the front end man – building WordPress themes is as far back-end as I go."

What project of yours are you most proud of?

"I'm not just saying this because I'm fresh out of Uni, but I'm still quite proud of my final major project for my dissertation. I devised, built, designed and project managed my very own application for JVC – which came about after my first proper job, as their Marketing Executive. Overall it really was like a real work project, with me juggling various roles along the way to make it a success. So after managing the initial concept, the project involved wireframes, facilitating user testing and feedback, meeting with the client – even a deadline at the end! It was challenging, of course, but also great fun and I learned loads."

Matt's JVC project

What’s the best thing about being a Developer?

"Using my brain. Taking on different challenges – figuring out the most logical way of providing solutions to problems. I also love the fist bump moments when you achieve something."

And what’s the most challenging part of the role?

"Probably the same thing – please see my previous answer!
To elaborate: figuring out the answers can be the best bit, but – when it takes hours or days – it can also be a bit of an ordeal. There are some days when you’re just sitting there thinking 'Argh, nothing’s going right!'. But then when you do fix a problem, it’s the best feeling!"

From the world of front-end dev, what's inspiring you the most at the moment?

"Codrops is my favourite source at the moment: it’s primarily a front-end blog, with loads of articles and tips on how to improve your code. Each week they provide a collection of 10-15 inspirational ideas. They also produce weekly tutorials on easily achievable concepts, all of which show you how to have fun with more ordinary, every-day things, like hover effects and that kind of thing."

"I’m confident that if I have my own idea in future that I’d like to get realised, the team will be more than happy to help me make it happen."

At Dauntless we work hard to maintain our unique working culture, just as much as we’re about producing stellar work. What resonated the most with you?

"For me, when I had my first interview with Alex and Matt (Pavid!), I found the entrepreneurial spirit of the company both inspiring and reassuring for the future. They talked me through the collection of start-ups at Dauntless has been working so closely with, and it struck me as a really forward-thinking way of doing business.
On top of that, I’m confident that if I have my own idea in future that I’d like to get realised, the team will be more than happy to help me make it happen."

And now for the really important questions: are you a coffee type of guy, or more of a gentleman who likes his tea?

"Hot chocolate, all the way."

Skiing or the beach?

“This should be helpful: I’ve never been skiing and I don’t like sand! It creeps me out a bit. Warm climates are always nice though."

Matt's JVC project

Mac or Windows?

"100% a Windows man, I love how easily customised it is, i.e. you can just chuck in more RAM to play games and all that good stuff."

And what will you be getting up to after this chat?

"I’ll mainly be tweaking and refining two mobile apps for one of our clients. Later on, I should hopefully get to play around with some content and layout for one of our client's desktop websites as well."


Kewl, thanks Matt!

Keep your eyes here for our next Crew Member of the Month.
(Hint: it might be one of our Designers...)