A marketing style that uses shocking imagery or content to shock people enough into taking some kind of action.


It’s not just us designers using this tactic, but musicians like Miley Cyrus and television personalities, such as Katie Hopkins.

Take Miley for example. She has sparked outrage from the likes of her music videos, outfits, lyrics and behaviour. Her ‘Do It’ music video has received just shy of 20 million views due to it’s shocking nature. I won’t go into the details, but it’s pretty much summed up in the header imagery of this post. I have to admit: I did watch it out of curiosity and I was lost for words... It’s not something you see everyday!


I’m not a die-hard Miley fan, but was definitely intrigued by her approach to branding herself: Goody-two-shoes gone wild… and when I say wild, I mean WILD! In fact, that header image speaks so well for itself, I'm going to post it again for emphasis:

Miley Cyrus' Website -
"Whether people like Miley or not, she’s getting attention, and while it might not all be positive attention… it’s still attention."

Her website is an explosion of colour, glitter and fonts that look like they may be tripping on acid – must have been a really fun project for the designers! Although it’s not my usual taste, I enjoyed the little touches like the flowing rainbow border around the videos, and the shaking navigational pompoms in the top right hand corner.

Whether people like Miley or not, she’s getting attention, and while it might not all be positive attention… it’s still attention.

And finally, to the inspiration behind why I’m writing this blog post.

I recently visited friends in Bristol, and on a lazy Sunday morning, as we walked down the road for breakfast, we passed a rusty, white, 13 plate Audi estate. At first I was confused – ‘How could a car this new, be this rusty?!’. As I walked down the side of it I noticed some lettering that read ‘Think Image’, and then it hit me… These guys are SUPER clever. Think Image does what it says on the tin ( – forgive the pun, I couldn’t resist!), they’re a sign and graphics company specialising in vehicle graphics, interior and exterior signage, digitally printed wall coverings and display banners.

Think Image's Rusty Audi

The name also caught my attention and fixed itself in my brain, so much so, that I remembered to Google it at work on Monday and hence why I’m writing this post.

It’s a pretty bold move to wrap your perfectly smart car in rusty looking vinyl, and I applaud Think Image for being brave enough to do so. It certainly caught our attention.


So shock away fellow designers, developers, writers, whoever you are!

Until next time!