Creative Content Copywriter

We’re seeking a Content Copywriter that is both creative and forward-thinking – is that you?

Dauntless is looking for a content copywriter that is first and foremost a creative individual, who likes to work with a team to achieve the goals of a specified brief. It’s a fast-paced, think-on-your-feet type of a job. You need to have the ability to create original concepts and messaging that promotes audience engagement, ideally built from a foundational knowledge of digital marketing.

The role will include work across a broad range of client projects, creating engaging short form and succinct (SEO friendly) content for client websites, blogs and social media channels, print material, email and ad campaigns, etc. You will be working alongside the creative, design and technical teams, and taking responsibility for creating well written, engaging content for client websites and marketing campaigns.

Your tasks will include:

  • Creating exceptional content for digital and print campaigns
  • Creating and executing content strategies based on a client’s brief and brand
  • Contributing and leading creative and strategy sessions
  • Conducting research to support your copy, ensuring it is both accurate and relevant
  • Publishing content on websites through a CMS system
  • Posting and working within social media platforms, engaging when necessary
  • Managing your time and projects to ensure deadlines are met on time
  • Staying up to date on new trends and strategies around content and messaging, alongside new technologies that may support your role
  • Understanding and implementing multi-variant and A/B testing into your content strategies


  • Ability to write clear, accurate, high quality copy
  • Ability to demonstrate your experience in writing content for successful campaigns
  • Ability to think creatively, generating ideas for content as well as given briefs, write copy for a wide range of client projects: including Advertising Copy, Blog Articles, Social Media Updates and Informational SEO Content
  • Detail obsessed, a grammar and spelling enthusiast
  • Strong organisational, time management and communication skills
  • Friendly, hard-working and ambitious
  • To be able to contribute information and opinion to creative meetings
  • Be flexible, passionate and ambitious
  • Collaborate and work well as part of a team
  • Ability to adapt and make changes quickly in a high-paced environment
  • Be a strategic thinker that thrives on intelligence, creativity and inspiration


  • 2+ years of agency or in-house experience
  • Understanding of marketing principles, advertising, SEO Copywriting, Keyword Research and target audience analysis
  • A degree in English, Journalism, Marketing or similar

Why work at Dauntless?

We’ve created a really amazing work environment here that is inclusive, hard-working, creative while also being pretty fun. We think of ourselves as a crew, but treat each other more like a family.

We’ll offer you a competitive salary in regards to your expertise, 28 days paid holiday, (plus we give you your birthday as holiday, so it’s actually 29 days!) and work really hard to make sure you’ve got all you need.

As far as tools go, we’re a bit Mac-fanatical - you’ll get a laptop and a large monitor to work from, plus any other special tools you might need.

We’re an ambitious little company that are set on making our mark on the world, and as such, we encourage people to broaden their horizons while they’re here, through learning and leadership development, conferences and creative outings. We’d like you to not only take your career to new heights, but also to help us as a company to be better for it. We look for people who will challenge us to an ever increasing level of excellence that grows over time.

Does that sound like you?

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Perks of working here

Tech & Tools

Depending on your department, you’ll receive your own MacBook Air/Pro and a Thunderbolt display. You’ll also have all the software and applications you need, be it Creative Cloud, coding programmes, or online resources.

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

We’re creatives and it goes without saying that we love our coffee! We've got a bean to cup espresso machine that's state of the art, you can make a cappuccino, latte or anything else with a touch of a button. Keep those creative ideas flowing all day long.

Staying Healthy

We offer a subsidised gym membership at a local health centre, so you can stay fit, healthy, and keep those bugs at bay. You’re not committed to any contract, so you can join or cancel at any point during your time with us.

Cycle to Work Scheme

We run the government’s cycle to work scheme which enables you to save up to 42% on a brand new bike – including safety accessories – for cycling to work.

Days off

Everyone needs to take a break, so all employees receive 20 days of annual leave, in addition to 8 UK public bank holidays a year. We also compensate with TOIL for any time owed from having to work over and above your normal working hours.

Your Birthday: No Work

We like to celebrate each individual by giving them their actual birthday as a day off work (in addition to our standard 20 days off). If it happens that your birthday falls on a holiday or weekend, simply choose another day that you'd like to celebrate, and not work! (Because, who likes to work on their birthday?)

Flagship Fridays

We work hard and we play hard; beers in the fridge and wine always at the ready. When Friday afternoon hits, we celebrate.

Celebrating the Crew

We’re a hardworking, creative crew but we always take time to celebrate together. Whether it’s a birthday, engagement, wedding, or just because we crushed another project together, there’s always room for celebration. Also not to be missed – our legendary All Crew Christmas Party! Did someone say winning?!

Training, Learning & Development

We are huge champions of lifelong learning and encourage all of our crew to be creative entrepreneurial thinkers. Along with free access to Lynda (online learning subscription), we encourage creative brainstorming, attending conferences, online learning, and much more.

Kitchen Treats & Catered Meals

We keep a fully stocked fridge, and frequently provide catered breakfasts and working lunches. In addition, we also ‘order in’ should you ever find yourself working late at the office. Thai, curry, pizza .. whatever floats your boat.

Philanthropic Efforts

Whether it’s a 10k fun run, or growing moustaches for Movember (for the men!), we actively look for fun, inclusive ways to support charity and non-profit organisations, and give a little something back to the community.

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